Horse therapy for the Human soul

Meet Our Horses


Hi, I’m Reitze! I’m a 18 year old Friesian from Holland.  The name Reitze translates into Richard in English.  I get along well with others, standing at 15.3 hands I am very secure in myself.  I am a great teacher, but, please tell me why our 2 legged friends are...

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Hello, my name is Jaap, I too am a Friesian from Holland, but with 16.1 hh I am taller than my neighbor Reitze.  I am a good soul, being only 14 years old I love to play.  Will you please look at me? See how gorgeous I am? Am I not the tallest and prettiest horse...

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Hello, my name is Mohawk, but around here they call me Tommy.  I am a Haflinger, and one of the shortest participants in Two Hearts One Language program, I’m only 14.2.  I turned 19 in January, and love to play games. I am very smart, and also very lazy.  Oh, and...

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Howdy!  I am a 24 year old Tennessee Walking Horse named Jet, I stand at 16 hands tall.  I took early retirement from my career as a show horse to follow my true passion – being here to help you learn.  When I’m out in the pasture with my friends you can find me in...

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Hello, my name is Gianni.  Being 34 I’m one of the oldest, but definitely the wisest around here. I’m a 15.2 American Quarter Horse, a bit introverted but secure and strong.  Even though I don’t really understand why humans have me do some of these things, I have...

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Good day, I am Bristol.  23 years ago I was born in Germany, I am a 16 hands tall, laid back Hanoverian.  I moved to Rosehill Inn & Stables when I was 17.  When I was younger I participated in the national open jumping circuit.  I got to travel often and meet a...

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Hi, I’m Kali.  I’m the only mare in the program. I’m a 14 year old Akhal-Teke and 14 hands tall.  My breed is originally from Turkmenistan.  I’ve moved around from trainer to trainer when I was younger, not always having the most joyous relationships and not always...

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